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Discover how we empower users with transformative insights through advanced visual analytics solutions.
At Slicd, we believe in making data analysis accessible, intuitive, and powerful. Founded with the vision to simplify complex data processes, Slicd empowers users to transform raw data into meaningful insights effortlessly.

Slicd simplifies data analysis with an innovative block diagram approach, breaking down complex problems into manageable components. Our tool features thousands of analysis functions, enabling users to explore and understand their data effortlessly. Join us to revolutionize your data interaction and uncover clear insights.

Visual Analytics in Action

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Total Users
35 k
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Analyses Run
1 Million+
Time Saved
5 x
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What Can Slicd Do For You?

Explore our feature-packed visual analytics tool with intuitive data visualization,
advanced analytics, and much more.

Analytics Without Coding

Slicd uses visual blocks for analytics, eliminating complex SQL. Easily Connect blocks for tasks; no coding needed.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Build visualizations easily with our drag-and-drop interface. Just drag data from the library to interface and analyze.

Advanced data visualization (beta)

Transform data into insights with diverse visual diagrams. Showcase effectively using individual block run and more.

Data Exploration Tools

Explore data deeply with powerful tools. Filter, sort, and drill down to uncover patterns and trends for informed decisions.

Interactive Dashboards (beta)

Get a dynamic dashboard to visualize real-time data, customizing layouts, and widgets to highlight key metrics.

One App For All

Get combined data modeling, visualization, and exploration in one tool, eliminating the need to switch between different analytics tools.

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Explore the Power of Slicd Visual Analytics

Fast, intuitive block diagrams to turn data into actionable insights quickly
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What Sets Us Apart

Revolutionizing Visual Analytics

Experience the Slicd difference and explore why we are the best

Existing industry standards often fall short when it comes to complex data analysis. While solutions like SQL, R or Python offer extensive capabilities, they lack intuitive visualization and require advanced programming skills.

Discover why Slicd Visual Analytics is your ultimate choice:

With Polars parallel processing and multi-threading built-in along with Python/Pandas, we continuously optimize performance in the backend so you can stay focused on your data & analysis.

Simplify analysis with connectable blocks and visual flow.

Turn data into insights quickly with intuitive visualizations and dashboards (coming soon!)
No coding or knowledge of SQL, Python, R or any other language needed. Analyze your data without worrying about language.
No more bugs, messy debugging or analyzing code written by someone else. Use visual methods and peer into data inputs/outputs at every step to minimize errors.
With no coding involved, save up to 5x of your time
Combined modeling, visualization, exploration, and simplified analytics with Slicd.
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